Web Hosting plans are available from $29 per year. Our clients don’t need to pay for any more than they actually use. Only a small number use 25 Gigabyte of space each. Costs are shown on the home page and at Platypus Websites. Per month costs are a tenth of the annual costs. All plans have unlimited bandwidth (monthly traffic).

Some of our competitors offer plans starting at 50 gigabytes space. Some offer their cheapest plan at $40 per month. Some just don’t show their prices. This website is WordPress but occupies under 250 Mb space.

Domain name registrations are available from $17/year.
We charge $34 per 2 years for .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names. But if you buy direct from MelbourneIT the same names cost $77 per 2 years – more than double our prices.

Click on www.platywebs.com.au for full details of hosting plans and order any service .
No client loses their domain name or website because they forgot to tell us of a change of email address. We are resellers and closer to the website owners. We can track them down!