Web Hosting plans are available from $29 per year. Our clients don’t need to pay for any more than they actually use. Only a small number use 25 Gigabyte of space each. Costs are shown on the home page and at Platypus Websites. Per month costs are a tenth of the annual costs. All plans have unlimited bandwidth (monthly traffic). Whatever hosting plan you start with, on renewal we charge only for a plan that covers the disk space that you actually use!

If you are unsure of the amount of space you need when choosing  your hosting plan, pay for a smaller space then call us when you need more. Allow for website space, at least one backup, space for the next WordPress upgrade and a day or two of emails.

Each of our three servers is backed up every night as an image of the disk. These separate backups are  kept for a month. But to extract one hosting account to restore from one of those backups requires 24 to 48 hours notice to our techs. That’s why we recommend regular local backups. You can restore from them instantly.

Some of our competitors offer plans starting at 50 gigabytes space. Some offer their cheapest plan at $40 per month. Some just don’t show their prices. This website is WordPress but occupies under 250 Mb space.

Domain name registrations are available from $17/year.
We charge $34 per 2 years for .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names. But if you buy direct from MelbourneIT the same names cost $77 per 2 years – more than double our prices.

Let us install a free wordpress website that is easy for you to add to or update. We will setup automatic upgrades to latest versions of WordPress, Themes and Plugins, plus automatic regular backups that can be used to restore your website if you change your mind about pages or posts.

Click on www.platypuswebsites.com.au for full details of hosting plans and order any service .
No client loses their domain name or website because they forgot to tell us of a change of email address. We are resellers and closer to the website owners. We can track them down!

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