Policies: Payments for hosting or domain names must be received by Platypus Websites before commencement of / or renewal of that service. Otherwise the service may be suspended or cancelled.

Payments for design or website changes requested of Platypus Websites is due 7 days from invoice of such service.

Payments may be by bank transfer or credit card.

Bank Transfer or Direct Credit:
Our name shows on your bank statement, and what you enter as a reference (your name or domain name or invoice number) shows on our bank statement. Please do not make anonymous payments. These can cause suspension or cancellation of the service.

Refunds policies

Platypus Websites invoices three main services:
1) Hosting websites.
2) Domain name registrations.
3) Website design, updates, SEO.

Hosting websites and email accounts:
New Hosting ordered may be cancelled at any time. If cancelled within 7 days of payment, full refund is made. If cancelled within 15 days of payment 50% refund is made. Renewals of existing hosting services are not refundable. Platypus Websites is a reseller of hosting services from major national web hosting companies. Services are provided by cPanel or Plesk and include web space, email accounts, SSL, various software platforms, scripts installation. Platypus Websites takes no responsibility for results of any of these services as they are all supported by their providers.

Domain name registration
Domain names are registered with authorised Registrars for whom we are resellers. Once the registration is paid there is no refund.
Even if the client changes their mind about the spelling, the extension, the period of registration, or the renewal of the name, once the registration has been paid, there is no refund.
Platypus Websites does not register or renew any domain name until the client has paid and accepts no responsibility for the loss of any domain name through non-payment.
Platypus Websites offers help in choosing suitable domain names but the final choice is always the client’s.

Website design, updates and changes, SEO
These services are invoiced for the quoted price on completion to the client’s satisfaction. At that point no cancellation or refund is available. If the client wishes to cancel during the design period then the design is not invoiced and all work is deleted.
Any deposit made for a website design is not refundable if the client cancels the order, or closes their business. Deposits are usually only received for large projects.

Platypus Websites offers personal help in using all the above services.